Please hear from our valued customers on how Cricket Powder has made an impact on their lives.

“We don’t know if EntoBento would exist without ATB. ATB was there for us from the very beginning of our recipe development.  Our dog treats look and taste great (even for humans) because of the high quality, finely milled cricket powder we use.  It’s hard to find an insect protein supplier that is qualified, uses top notch feed for their crickets and delivers a product on time. We know ATB will help us grow and are excited to further sustainable insect protein as a whole!”
– EntoBento

“I develop the EntoBento recipe and our key ingredient is cricket powder. I have tried others but ATB has the best stuff. It is a lighter color and finer mill than anything else on the market. The service is good too!”
-Chris Mahlberg

“Aaron at ATB has been a great partner for us. We get asked all the time where we get the crickets from and we answer that question with ATB.”
– Amanda McDoulett

“The Pet Industry is watched closely due to the frequency of recalls. We get great micro reports from ATB so we know our product is safe. The cricket powder is also made in the USA which is a huge selling point for us. ”
-Chris Glascoe

“All things bugs’ products are some of the best on the market. From on a RD stand point, their products are the easiest and when creating products with it, most people can’t even tell there are insects in it because it mixes so well with almost anything”
– Bugeater Food

“Cricket Powder is a delicious tasty add that can be for food.”
– Samuel Peters

“I was looking for a unique way to add protein to my diet Cricket Powder was the answer.”
– Nick Griffin

“I heard about them through Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the powder is organic and I support the fight on malnutrition in foreign countries, go Cricket Powder!”
– Stephanie Waters

“I wanted to put on weight but with healthy alternative Cricket Powder gives the fat content I need.”
– Michael Cross