Frequently Asked Questions

Many things!  Griopro® cricket powder is primarily used as a high protein ingredient in several types of foods (see our Recipes page!) such as baked goods, snack foods, pastas, tortillas, breads, cookies, and others as well as beverages such as shakes and smoothies.  It functions similarly to other protein powders, and is the only insect based ingredient on the market that works in foods and beverages where smooth texture is critical such as shakes, pastas, etc.  We have other company customers who utilize Griopro® in a wide variety of other products where high quality protein powder is desired.  
We work with very high quality, experienced, professional and clean indoor industrial cricket farms all over the USA.  They supply us the raw frozen crickets to our strict specifications which we then utilize, via our proprietary high quality patent pending process, to produce Griopro® at our partner food grade contract manufacturers.
The crickets we purchase from farms are given a high quality, nutritious mostly grain-based diet. We require that these farms utilize a feed that has no wheat so that our product is gluten-free.
As much as any other edible insect or insect based product on the market, the crickets we utilize are produced for human consumption. There is some mythology in the insect based food industry that only certain farms are food grade. However, regulatory agencies have not provided any official food grade certifications for edible insects to date (we do look forward to the day when they do!). The primary regulatory guidance we have been given, and follow strictly is that: 1) the crickets are not diverted from the animal feed supply, which means they are grown especially for human consumption (ie: for us) and 2) we utilize only food grade equipment, facilities, methods, packaging and handling procedures as well as monitor the microbiological counts of our product to be sure that it is free from pathogens.
Our process is a proprietary trade secret and patent pending. Of course we would never tell our secrets about how we make Griopro® as the highest quality insect based ingredient in the world! We might as well also hand you our credit card! However, we can assure you that the methods we utilize are nothing exotic, do not use any chemicals (besides cricket and water), preservatives or organic extraction solvents. We use food grade methods and food grade equipment and facilities. We simply know how to cook, dry and grind up the crickets better than anyone else!
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