As the alternative food industry has been booming with cricket powder-based products within the last few years or so, there have also been quite a few skeptics renouncing the benefits of our favorite sustainable alternative food source…so we rounded up our top five benefits for using Griopro®!

  1. Crickets are the complete protein source and cricket powder boasts 65% protein and all essential amino acids. But, contrary to other protein sources, it is mainly low calorie and fat.
  2. Crickets are a non-dairy source of calcium. So for all of those consumers who need calcium but are lactose intolerant or dairy-free by choice, these wonder bugs contain 75.8mg of calcium per 100 grams (
  3. Crickets are the perfect way to cut down carbs. As a gluten-free protein, cricket powder can be mixed with flour and used in brownie, pizza, and cake recipes among many others. It’s also great in smoothies and shakes!  It actually increases the protein and nutrient profile of many foods while also limiting fat intake when substituted.
  4. Additionally, it is a clean alternative to whey-based protein products. So for those who love anything from yoga to crossfit and are looking for the most comparable gluten-free product – cricket powder is your dream come true. Cricket powder is a cleaner source of quality protein without undesired artificial steroids, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.
  5. Finally, crickets require substantially less water to produce than all other livestock at 1 gallon per pound. That’s an insane reduction in emissions from the average 2000 gallons per pound produced by cows. Additionally, Crickets produce almost 100x less greenhouse gases than the more common protein sources (i.e. cows and pigs).  So, using cricket powder is not only nutritious for you, it’s healthy for the planet!

So for any consumer looking for a healthier and more sustainable way to consume protein, try out our finely milled cricket powder here! Now available in either 3.5oz or 1lb packages.