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Why is Griopro® the New Protein Powder?

Within recent years, cricket powder (and flour) has emerged as the healthier alternative to traditional protein powders – but how has this happened?

Well, as consumers have started to really notice the benefits of incorporating cricket powder into their everyday routines, more and more brands have noticed too and started to push out products in return. Unlike traditional protein powders, cricket powder provides consumers with all the necessary amino acids and 75.8mg per 100 mg of calcium. It is also the perfect substitute for dairy-or-animal-based proteins in most everyday recipes – which makes it way easier to work into diets. You can make everything from pizza dough to brownies to taco meat with our powder, and you cannot say that about whey or other proteins.


As the cleanest and more sustainable alternative protein source, Griopro® powder packs over 10 grams of protein in every serving, is lightly processed, and is highly sustainable given that crickets produce almost 100x less greenhouse gases than cattle and pigs combined! And you don’t even have to worry about bulking up too much as you incorporate it more and more into your diet – which makes it the most lean protein source in the market today.

Finally, as you consider and compare different protein powders make sure to test Griopro® before making your final decision – we even recently released a 3.5oz bag to ease consumers into a cricket-based sustainable lifestyle.

Our finely milled, high quality product will be the perfect, seamless and healthiest addition to your everyday routine, we can guarantee it.